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About Us

Catering Services


Chef Zack Blose has been cooking  for over 10 years. With his experience and his professional qualifications, no job is too small and no event is too large!

Zack's Passion

Zack loves food

Zack has cooked it all. His true passion is providing customers with REAL, local, fresh, & delicious food. Nothing comes frozen out of a bag or microwaved. Everything Zack makes is homemade and  everything he cooks turns into gold!

Restaurant History


Chef Zack Blose graduated Culinary Arts school in 2012. Zack bought his first restaurant, a small take-out pizza shop, in August 2016. Zack quickly outgrew and scaled the pizza shop into a full scale restaurant in March 2018.

Personal Training

Austin & Mitch training at the beach

Trainer Mitch's purpose in life is to impact individuals and facilitate change through health & fitness. He believes we all could live a healthier lifestyle. Adopting change is a lifestyle choice.

Tri-County Health & Fitness

Tri-Conty Health & Fitness located above Zack's at 301 Wood Street New Bethlehem Pa 16242

Tri-County Health & Fitness is not your normal "gym". It's actually not a gym at all. This is a lifestyle facility. We transform people's lives through education, perseverance, empathy, fitness, & health.

Lifestyle Change

Change can happen to anyone!

Don't quit because it's hard. Nothing worth while has ever been easy. Living healthier is not easier. Making the most nutritious  choice possible starts with WHY!?