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Catering Fundamentals

Price Meats Demand

You can't fake steak!

Chicken and Pork are the cheaper of the meats. Beef and Seafood vary at market price but are traditionally more pricey than chicken or pork. Cooking styles do not affect meat price.

What's a Starch?

Mediterranean Pasta

Normally a potato is the go to here. Sometimes grains, rices, & noodles pair well with your desired choice. Again style does not affect price unless the style is very labor intensive. 

Do People Really Eat Vegetables?

Summer Salads at Zack's

It is not a complete meal without your vegetables! Seasonal options are always the freshest. Denser veggies hold better than others. 

Zack's Custom Catering - Expect Better

Chef Zack makes your catered event one to remember. If you let the Chef spread his wings and fly he will take your event's food to the next level. Don't be afraid.

Welcome Mom (Melissa) as our Event Coordinator

Party planning, reunions, showers, big events large and small; we have the knowledge and experience to create an amazing catered event for you.  Mom (Melissa) has years of experience and has done everything from meetings of 4 up to weddings of 300.  Customer service is our number one priority!  Melissa works hand in hand with Chef Zack to customize your preferred menu.  Call today and book your next catered event! 814.221.5617

Chef Zack Blose Custom Catering Ideas

Price Points are pure estimates. Final price could be way less or slightly more. Catering has many variables and factors that go into a price quote. we encourage you to call or text Melissa at 814.221.5617 and ask her any questions you may have