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Chef Zack is making dinner! We highly recomend ordering anything from the Farm to Table Menu

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This Is What We Are About!

Chef Zack Blose

Quality Food

Chef Zack Blose prides himself on preparing and serving the highest quality food products. Everything Zack offers is homemade and none of it is frozen or comes  out of a box. The food revolution starts now!

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Clarion County Courthouse, 16214

Community Perserverance

Facilitating change by impacting the community with value. The Blose Brothers were born and raised in New Bethlehem and it's their mission to add value back in to the community. Clarion County is full of untapped opportunity as it lies in the heart of Western Pennsylvania. Come enjoy some of the freshest local farm to table options. Food in New Bethlehem and Food in Clarion county have never tasted so real!

The Blose Brothers
The corner of Wood Street & Broad Street @TechreadyPro

Small Town Morals

Understanding where you come from is important. The Blose Brothers understand that home is where you make your dreams happen. Change doesn't happen overnight but the idea can; it all comes down to EXECUTION!

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